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ARES Business Center 為專業資產管理公司
ARES的成立,為因應台灣的新創與正在成長的企業能擁有一個空間和平台 ,讓各異業能有互相合作的機會,提高企業的營運價值,甚至把影響力跨及國 際企業地位,中心位於北市優良的商業區,飯店、百貨、銀行及賣場,擁有極 高的交通便利性,為了讓您無須把寶貴的資金投入公司裝潢和設備成本,省下 您的機會成本,來用於營運及業務拓展上。

我們始終秉持與客戶維繫長久合作關係的理念,提供客戶一個專屬舒適的 精緻商務空間。以一個熱忱的服務團隊,艾瑞斯堅持不可妥協的品質,不管從 基礎的設備到人員的服務,我們將陪伴您解決一切商業行為,並且讓您擁有高 效率的工作,您的企業也能獲取更多的利潤。相信全心為客戶的投入,能夠為 您帶來在商務活動中開創無與倫比的體驗。
ARES Business Center is the professional asset management company.
The founding of ARES is to react to the Startup Company and growing enterprise having a cooperation opportunity to raise the enterprise value and have an influence in international business company. ARES located in the good business district of Taipei where is close to hotels, department store, banks, and markets make the transportation convenient; as a result, customer can invest capital to business running and expanding rather than company decoration and devices costs.

We hold the spirit of maintain the long-term cooperation relationship with customer and provide customer with the comfortable commercial business area. As an enthusiastic group, ARES insist high quality from the basic equipment to service and we will help customer deal with everything, having efficient working and making more benefits.

ARES makes all-out effort to make customer experience a perfect commercial activity.
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